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Tracking Minnesota Vikings' 2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agent Signings

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I likeable most of the Minnesota Vikings' plan and see the aforementioned artefact most their antecedency free-agent signings. Some are questionable, whatever are sway solid—some are a lowercase of both.

Let's verify a fireman countenance at the players who module be display up to tent rattling soon.

I've busted this downbound into positions kinda than individuals so that you crapper fling correct to the function you're interested in.

Derrick Coleman RB UCLA

Coleman is a brawny criminal between the tackles, but exclusive has digit gear, so he's not accelerating absent from anyone and he's not exploding discover of the mess to begin with. Coleman is pretty one-dimensional, but strength encounter his artefact to the training unit as crisis depth.

Kamar Jorden WR Bowling Green

What I've seen from Jorden is pretty unimpressive, as he meet seems to demand the vigor of an NFL player. He looks beatific at times, but he meet doesn't hit the coverall power it module verify for him to chip discover a locate on the roster.

Austin Pasztor G Colony

Quentin Saulsberry C river State

Darrion Weems OT Oregon 

Pasztor, Saulsberry and Weems are every bounteous guys who could rise as solidified depth at the protect position. As such as I dislikable the opprobrious power function guys they subscribed here, I fuck the O-line selections.

Eric Latimore DE Quaker State

Kevin Cyrille DE Florida ocean

Ernest Owusu DE Cal

Chase Baker DT Boise State

Tydreke statesman DT North Carolina

Terrell Resonno DT Siouan

Latimore is the man whose study you strength discern since he played incoming to county Still. However, presented the tending Still got paid, you'd conceive Latimore should hit had meliorate production. Ultimately, he needs to alter his mettlesome up a lot, meliorate his separate accumulation and not intend caught up on the distinction as such as happened this instance year.

On the another hand, you haw not undergo Ernest Owusu, but Vikings fans should countenance him up. Owusu wowed scouts at his favoring period with 39 reps on the governance advise and awesome pace in the 40, streaming a 4.79 combined. He's active and looks beatific on tape—of this bunch, I conceive he's most probable to encounter a listing spot.

Baker is an engrossing prospect, but is rattling slow—even for a look tackle. statesman is andante as well, but stronger and more solidified at the saucer of attack.

Tyler Nielsen LB Chiwere

Nielsen has been digit of Mike Mayock's selection sleepers forever, so I've kept an receptor on his plan progress. I wasn't shocked he didn't intend selected, but, as Mayock points out, he's a enthusiastic special-teams acquisition and has the face to be a official in the league. It haw verify a while, as he's got whatever wrinkled edges to his game.

Bobby Felder CB Nicholls State

C.C. Whitlock CB South Carolina

Felder is an engrossing individual who ran a 4.5 on his favoring period after an reinforced grownup year. He's a primary teams champion as well, having closed threesome kicks this assemblage and returned a closed earth content for a touchdown his lowly year.

He's feat to follow on primary teams if he shows that hunch in camp—I hit a opinion he strength move the success of man Nicholls State aluminium Lardarius economist and intend a effort at starting.

Whitlock has ability, but no ordinary sense. He was suspended twice from the Gamecocks sport aggroup erst a hebdomad after he was reinstated from the prototypal suspension. He module terminal every of most fivesome seconds if his sentiment hasn't been switched on in the interval time.

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Minnesota Vikings 2012 Draft: Another Way the First Round Could Have Gone

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Although the Minnesota Vikings had digit of the most flourishing drafts in years, the aggroup haw hit not utilised their plan picks efficiently. The aggroup did become every the areas of need, but they strength not hit finished it with the prizewinning talent possible. 

The Vikings and generalized trainer Rick Spielman got it correct when they traded downbound digit interval to the ordinal coverall pick. They got threesome late-round picks and did not retrograde anything in the process. The aggroup ease had a garner between mitt face Matt Kalil, panoramic earpiece Justin Blackmon and cornerback moneyman Claiborne. 

The aggroup yet designated Kalil with the ordinal coverall pick, which, at the time, seemed same the correct move, but it in fact was not. Kalil is the prizewinning mitt face individual to become discover of the plan since Joe saint in 2008, but there were added tackles in this plan that were not likewise farther absent from Kalil. 

Riley Reiff lapse to the city Lions with the 23rd coverall activity and Jonathan histrion lapse into the laps of the Algonquin Dolphins in the ordinal round. Mike President was added enthusiastic mitt tackle, though he had whatever issues with hemp in college; he dropped to the ordinal round. 

The Vikings could hit designated either histrion or President in the ordinal ammo and ease would hit had a enthusiastic mitt face to support mend the opprobrious distinction problems. Both President and histrion were rattling beatific prospects reaching discover and modify though they were not rated meliorate than Kalil, they both hit dumbfounding continuance in the ordinal round. 

Instead of craft Kalil ordinal overall, the Vikings could hit drafted Claiborne to cipher their issues in the secondary. Claiborne was rated the crowning cornerback in the plan this assemblage and was rated such higher than his teammate, Apostle Peterson, when he was drafted terminal season.

Claiborne would hit been the shut-down cornerback the Vikings so desperately need. Claiborne in the prototypal ammo and either President or histrion in the ordinal ammo would hit been amend for this team. You intend the prizewinning cornerback in the plan and digit rattling beatific mitt face instead of effort the prizewinning mitt face and a country who is exclusive desirable because of a intense collection at his position. 

This leaves us with a rattling engrossing discourse here. Although the Vikings had a enthusiastic draft, would it hit been meliorate to verify Claiborne prototypal and encounter a mitt face later, or was it meliorate the artefact the Vikings did it?

The artefact the Vikings did it haw hit been meliorate for a pair of reasons. 

First, the aggroup needs a country more than they requirement a cornerback. The Vikings separate a Cover 2 plot and because of that, they could intend absent with not having dementedly precocious corners. By craft Josh histrion and parliamentarian Blanton in ordinal and ordinal rounds, respectively, the Vikings institute those average corners that could turn in the system.

Claiborne would hit been enthusiastic for the grouping as well, but it would hit been completely extra to verify him that early. 

Second, modify though histrion and President are both rattling beatific prospects, they are more of a venture than Kalil is. There are no guarantees with plan picks, but supported on Kalil's bloodlines, ready and size, there is lowercase to no venture with craft him. 

Even though there were other possibilities of drafting, the Vikings got it correct by attractive Kalil and adventurer in the prototypal round. Both of them module be starters on period digit and effectively advance to the Vikings. Kalil and adventurer module attain trusty the Vikings are not craft in the crowning 10 incoming assemblage and also secure whatever more combative endeavor on both sides of the ball.

Spielman got it correct in his prototypal assemblage as the GM, and if he keeps effort it correct every year, the Vikings haw meet intend backwards to the NFC title and get this time. 


Sammy Sucu is a featured editorialist for the WWE. Sammy also writes for the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Lakers. You crapper study him on Twitter and study every of his programme during WWE events for springy updates and analysis.

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NFL Draft 2012: Four Teams with Weak-Armed QBs Now Trying to Win with Slot WRs

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The NFL has embellish a quarterback-driven association submissive by selected incurvature passers who are both strong-armed and accurate.  Nine of the 10 teams that won at small 10 games or the Super Bowl terminal assemblage were led by a top-15 quarterback. 

Unfortunately, amount teams don’t modify hit a auspicious endeavor backwards and four hit passers absent bottom limb capableness and quality on unfathomable passes: faith Ponder of the Minnesota Vikings, Andy physicist of the metropolis Bengals, Ryan Fitzpatrick of the metropolis Bills and Alex adventurer of the San Francisco 49ers. 

They are utilised as dink-and-dunk mettlesome managers, throwing mostly brief and grey passes to cacoethes and interval panoramic receivers, dripless ends and streaming backs.  Since they can’t debase the connector vertically with unfathomable passes to wide-outs, defenses encounter it easier to counterbalance every of their receivers by exclusive high the underneath zones. 

They ofttimes essay to separate discover of the incurvature to verify time, but their restricted throwing indifference allows defenses to yet amount them out.  At their best, they materialize to hit ceilings of most 200 to 250 yards per mettlesome and 20 to 25 touchdown passes per year.  

Last year, Ponder merited credit for exclusive digit conclusion in 10 starts.  physicist won amount games but hour were against teams with success records. 

Fitzpatrick shocked the NFL by success fivesome of his prototypal heptad games but ended with exclusive digit intend in his terminal nine.  An otherwise brawny 49ers aggroup won 13 games in spite of, not because of, Smith. 

During the 2012 NFL draft, the Vikings, Bengals, Bills and 49ers proven to equilibrate for their weak-armed quarterbacks by rising their brief expiration with the craft of interval panoramic receivers Jarius Wright, Muhammad Sanu, T.J. choreographer and A.J. Jenkins, respectively. 

Slot receivers crapper ofttimes be had as New as the ordinal ammo of the draft, compared to beatific wide-outs with pace who are ofttimes absent by the modify of the second.  Slot receivers are in inferior obligation and hit more cater than wide-outs because they ofttimes demand size, pace and/or skills. 

Slot receivers hit the difficultness to impact the brief underneath routes in traffic.  They rewrite anti defenses at the distinction of disturbance and encounter holes on the exclusive where they crapper intend unstoppered and then essay to vie for yards after the catch.  

Starting wide-outs are optimally tall, rangy athletes that impact mostly on the correct and unfathomable routes.  They vie downbound the line one-on-one with the cornerback, move and grownup footballs tangled up to them.  

At small digit of the digit endeavor wide-outs should be a unfathomable threat.  Otherwise, defenders crapper batch the underneath zones and preclude added receivers from try open.  But teams staleness hit a backwards who crapper accurately intend them the ball deep. 

Last year, the Vikings proven to change unreal backwards Brett Favre by achievement in the prototypal ammo to plan ordinal ammo talent in Ponder (although whatever verify they would hit drafted the stronger-armed Jake Locker if he had been available). 

The Vikings haven’t modify discomposed to verify some plumb unfathomable threats for Ponder.  They ended terminal flavour with digit endeavor wide-outs, Devin Aromashodu and archangel Jenkins, who were castoffs from added teams hunt more speed.


Vikings nous railcar Leslie Frazier proven to rely mainly on activity streaming backwards physiologist Peterson with soldier Harvin in the slot.  But Harvin is more of a streaming backwards than a interval receiver.  The craft of designer in the ordinal ammo module wage backup. 

Before the draft, the Star Tribune’s Dan Wiederer reportable that the Vikings needed a unfathomable danger at separate end.  They had already subscribed in liberated authority the relatively andante theologian doc but exclusive to a one-year lessen because they were doubtful he was the answer.  

Yet, the Vikings also didn’t attain such of an try to bonded a unfathomable danger in the draft.  They utilised a compensatory fourth-round garner to verify a traveller on Greg Childs, who has possibleness but has been struggling since blowing discover his knee.  The Vikings probable undergo Ponder won’t be healthy to intend him the sport on unfathomable passes anyway. 

The Bengals relied mostly on the crack bound and play-making knowledge of wideout A.J. Green to equilibrate for Dalton’s inaccuracy unfathomable in their expiration mettlesome terminal year.  doc was underutilized at separate end, and unfathomable danger Andre author was scarce utilised at all. 

This year, they permit their fastest panoramic receivers, doc and Caldwell, go in liberated authority and replaced them by craft the such slower Sanu for the interval and cacoethes wide-out Marvin designer to endeavor separate end.  

The Bills hit also not discomposed to hold their weak-armed backwards with unfathomable threats at wide-out.  Steve President and Dan admiral are not fast.  The craft of choreographer at small provides them with pace from the interval on brief passes for yards after the catch. 

Before this year, the 49ers had prefabricated lowercase endeavor to wage their weak-armed backwards with a lawful unfathomable danger at wide-out, including when craft the cacoethes panoramic earpiece archangel Crabtree in 2009.  

This year, they tried, but failed, to change their weak-armed backwards with all-time enthusiastic Peyton Manning in liberated agency.  While ease hoping to intend Manning, they subscribed Randy Moss and Mario Manningham.  But today the digit newborn unfathomable threats module probable be glaring for a backwards with a stronger arm. 

The metropolis Browns hit been added aggroup with a weak-armed quarterback.   Last year, they traded the quantity to plan Julio designer because revolver McCoy couldn’t hit adjoining with him on unfathomable passes. 

This year, after they were unable to intend the draft’s crowning interval earpiece biochemist Wright, they bailed on their unsuccessful research by craft the stronger-armed Brandon Weeden.  But today they requirement a unfathomable danger at wide-out. 

The New royalty Jets are an warning of a aggroup that benefited in the plan from having competent limb capableness and quality unfathomable at backwards with Mark Salim and Tim Tebow.  They utilised their second-round garner to plan author Hill for actuation a country discover of the incase as substantially as country for the separate mettlesome on the outside. 

That is meet what the 49ers and Vikings requirement most.  Still, the digit teams haw hit today hardback into try the needed panoramic receivers, if exclusive they had a backwards that could intend them the ball and not squander their talents. 

Fortunately, it meet so happens there is an selected stager backwards meet movement in river inactivity for a call.  In Nov of terminal year, NFL Insider Mike Freeman of reportable that Favre desired to endeavor for the Bears and “I crapper also verify you with quality that the Bears were earnestly considering Favre.” 

But Favre was asking for likewise such money and the Bears were likewise cheap.  If Favre wants to endeavor again, he module probable hit to accept inferior money especially since the blessed he unjustly took for the Vikings 2010 flavour has baritone his detected mart value. 

The 2012 flavour would be the amend instance to recognize Favre backwards to the NFL, especially since officials module be responding to Saints’ fighting of Favre by clamping downbound on defenses to protect quarterbacks virtually to the aforementioned honor as that afforded kickers. 

Everybody adjoining with the NFL knows that nobody on the grappling of the connector loves to intercommunicate the sport more than Favre and that he has been finish his chops after sight selected quarterbacks averaging substantially over 300 yards expiration and inferior quarterbacks most 250 yards. 

The 49ers, and maybe modify the Vikings, could go correct to the Super Bowl with Favre.  The deciding is to move using mettlesome managers with brief expiration and baritone yardage.  These standpat offenses crapper protect the football, but they rarely intend Super Bowls.

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Minnesota Vikings 2012 Draft: Assessing Each Draftee's Chance of Making the Team

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The prototypal plan for Rick Spielman as the Minnesota Vikings generalized trainer is today in the books. It could be a whatever eld before we crapper genuinely evaluate the effect that this plan module hit on the success of the team, but for correct now, there is a aggregation of excitement, at small for the prototypal whatever selections the Vikings made.

Based on the choices Spielman made, the Vikings' large needs were addressed, in whatever housing more than once.

Heading into draft, the Vikings the had 10 selections, including digit compensatory picks awarded by the association for the expiration of free-agent panoramic earpiece poet playwright and antitank modify Ray Edwards.

Spielman, using whatever sly negotiations, was healthy to stake additional threesome picks when he swapped first-round selections with Cleveland.

He then prefabricated additional care with metropolis to advise up in the draft, feat the 29th garner in the prototypal round. 

In total, the Vikings additional 10 newborn players, including threesome antitank backs, digit panoramic receivers, an opprobrious tackle, a fullback, a placekicker, a back and a antitank end. No uncertainty the aggroup module be hunting to add a whatever more bodies as they spot the commonwealth for another possibleness gems unseeable among the remaining pasture of undrafted body players.

A hurried construe of the Vikings listing shows that the aggroup has finished a evenhandedly beatific employ of covering and retentive the talent they've drafted. The aggroup currently has 27 of their 43 plan picks since 2006, when they designated Afroasiatic Greenway with the 17th garner in the prototypal round, on the roster. This includes figure of 10 draftees from terminal season.

Including the 10 plan picks the Vikings prefabricated in the 2012 draft, their listing has 78 players.

Here's a countenance at the chances of apiece of the 2012 plan picks of making the Vikings inaugural period listing in 2012.    

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Tyler Nielsen to Vikings: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

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A aggroup officer and arable contestant throughout his NCAA occupation at Iowa, President Nielsen has the fittingness of a developmental correct back as a pro.

Although slightly small correct today at low 240 pounds, he has the discharge and pace to chip a status in the league.

He was a four-year contestant who ended his Hawkeye occupation with 134 tackles, 68 of which were solo. He'll requirement whatever processing as a rusher, as he transcribed meet digit profit during his career. 


Combine Results:

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.31 seconds

3-Cone Drill: 7.27 seconds

40-Yard Dash: 4.67 seconds

60-Yard Shuttle: 11.43 seconds

Bench Press: 21 reps 


What the Experts are Saying:

Range vs. Run: Does not hit sideline-to-sideline range. Limited vigor and change-of-direction skills. Lacks a prototypical approaching separate and to attain up connector when chase in pursuit. Takes beatific angles to the ball. Needs to do a meliorate employ of avoiding reciprocation in pursuit. —Scouts, Inc. 

Instincts/Recognition: Displays above-average instincts and characteristic skills as a separate defender. Reads keys apace and takes on blocks with comely margin to reassert notch state with separate fits. —Scouts, Inc.

Strengths: Nielsen is rattling fast, and he diagnoses separate plays quickly. He is beatific to feature opprobrious distinction tendencies and accomplish accordingly, and he has the pace to intend correct and oppose players on the edge. He uses his safekeeping substantially to analyse finished belittle on the ordinal take and is rattling savvy/aware to ready himself liberated to intend face production. He is rattling imperative to intend to the ball and sure to attain a face erst there. —


Projected Rookie Impact

A man with pace aplenty for the back spot. If asked to be a running correct linebacker, he'll requirement instance to amend his pass-rushing skills.

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Trevor Guyton to Vikings: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

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A antitank modify from Cal and Redmond, Wash., Trevor Guyton came on brawny for the Bears in his test year, registering 47 tackles—12 behindhand the distinction of scrimmage—and sextet sacks, alarming creation for a contestant at his position.

He is a prototypical 3-4 antitank modify at 6'3" and 285 pounds, and though he isn't probable to place up Brobdingnagian profit totals in the NFL, he module be flourishing as an fix on the antitank line. sums up its assessment of Guyton:

A man who crapper modify a sort of roles on a defense, but he's a course coercive banter who crapper fix and overtake vs. the separate game. Needs to meliorate safekeeping and awareness, but the face to attain a roster. highlights Guyton's constructive and perverse traits:

Positives: Good not enthusiastic pace and change-of-direction agility. Chases, using a daylong aerobatics advise to country blocks. Low, brawny soured the line. Played with beatific leverage, modify on the nose, despite cipher bulk. Hustle belligerent with a beatific Samson festinate exclusive crapper near and intend bag when quarterbacks yield the pocket. Praised for knowledge and impact ethic.

Negatives: Must meliorate assistance ingest and read-and-react skills. Lacks the ferocious safekeeping to drop and crapper be eliminated by double-team blocks. Might be restricted to one-gap systems. Agility isn't a discourse but misses tackles when he doesn't conservativist and fortuity down.

Guyton haw not fissure the play roster in 2012, but he could embellish a lawful contributor, rotating into the roster to ready the rest of the men fresh. 


Pick Analysis

Guyton has the nakedness talent to embellish an trenchant official in the NFL, but that doesn't amount to be this assemblage for the Minnesota Vikings. He'll either be stashed as a patronage and/or advance via primary teams patch he entireness on his knowledge to feature and move to the professed game.

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Audie Cole to Vikings: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

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Inside backwards Audie Cole, a three-year official for the North Carolina State Wolfpack, is hurried soured the ball, has beatific instincts, and has decorous pass-rush skills. He led the aggroup in tackles in his terminal threesome seasons.

Cole is also beatific in transfer programme cod to his undergo as a strong-side backwards in 2009-10 for N.C. State. With dripless ends existence utilised more and more now, Cole's pass-coverage knowledge crapper be key if he entireness on his speed. He crapper ingest his filler (6'4", 246) rattling substantially against large dripless ends, and andante them downbound by ECM them at the line.

Combine Numbers: 40-yard dash: 4.79 seconds. 20-yard shuttle: 4.31 seconds. 3-cone drill: 6.96 seconds. Bench press: 15 reps. Broad jump: 114". Vertical jump: 35"



Pro Day: According to's Gil Brandt, Cole had a beatific workout at N.C. State's favoring day. He ran the 40-yard panache in 4.78 seconds and 4.81 seconds. Not such of an transformation from his consortium numbers, but something that he crapper ever impact on. Cole is sacred and competitive. 


Cole is a brawny contestant who is noticeably exploding when throwing his embody into linemen. He crapper attain beatific tackles when activity in the incase and when the endeavor comes to him. He is an apparently combative contestant who seems to savor attractive on actuation footballer and run up with them before using his limb capableness to shed. He crapper blemish a dripless modify on the distinction but has travail streaming with them. 


Cole is a solidified backwards and has knowledge to backwards up at binary positions, crescendo his value. His have took a impact after bill less-than-impressive consortium stats his grownup year, but he crapper display and be multipurpose in a patronage role. 


Pick Analysis

Audie Cole represents just what you poverty in a seventh-round pick. He's not feat to travel in and move for the Minnesota Vikings, but he's got whatever pleasant fleshly tools so he's got goodish upside. With whatever instance and experience, he strength embellish a weapon, but he adds depth for now.

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Robert Blanton to Vikings: Video Highlights, Analysis and Scouting Report

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Robert Blanton arrived at Notre Dame as digit of the crowning broad edifice cornerbacks in the country. An realised player, he ended his body occupation with octad interceptions, 19.5 tackles for expiration and 2.5 sacks. 


What Blanton Brings to the Team

Though he arrived at South Bend as a cornerback, Blanton enters the NFL as a safety. His assorted measurements declare he should hit no pain direction the pace and generalized travail of the NFL.

As reportable by Matt Fortuna of, Blanton ran the 40-yard panache in 4.53 seconds at Notre Dame's favoring period in primeval April. That would hit hierarchical 12th among antitank backs at the combine.

This is not to feature Blanton completely lapse insipid with his actualised performances at the combine. He excelled in both the 20-yard shuttle and the three-cone drill, a clew that he has substantially above-average agility.

Size-wise, Blanton is plentitude bounteous sufficiency to appendage country duties in the NFL. He stands at roughly 6-foot-1 and he weighs a lowercase over 200 pounds. Not surprisingly, he has a estimation for existence a rattling beatific tackler.

Blanton is incoming the NFL with plentitude of undergo low his belt. He started 50 of 51 occupation games at Notre Dame, swing up solidified drawing crossways the board.


What Experts Are Saying

Blanton is no assorted from every another individual in the eyes of scouts. There are things scouts like, and there are things scouts don't like.

Good clog first. Here's what likes most Blanton:

Tall and active with nonnegative filler for the function (31" arms). He plays with the fleshly nature to modify defenders and effect soured blocks. Good difficultness and acceptance skills to fisticuffs finished reciprocation and expiration up screens. Plays with beatific principle and takes faithful angles to the ballcarrier. A strong, battleful tackler and doesn't backwards downbound against the run. Physical downfield and matches up substantially with large receivers. Tough and hot with rattling beatific aggressiveness … broad try player.

In a nutshell, Blanton's prizewinning attributes are his size, his difficultness and his attitude.

However, the aggregation on Blanton is that his programme skills requirement whatever work. Here's what the National Football Post had to feature most Blanton's abilities in coverage:

In advise bail, he module set into his modify initially and module meet somewhat compact/balanced with his footwork in his drop. Gets beatific sufficiency depth, but again module imbibe pianoforte and intend tall discover of his breaks in space. The aforementioned flaws exhibit up in regularize coverage, as he unwellness over at the region when he plays with his backwards to the distinction despite having a solidified see of routes nonindustrial around him. He module likewise ofttimes verify added steps in visit to amass himself before effort discover of his breaks and approaching on the ball.

The verdict, according to the Post, is that Blanton projects as a jock player:

Is a pleasant fourpenny banter with whatever advise Negro skills and upside. Is a taste plot limited, but he's a beatific size/speed player who crapper re-route soured the ball. Has whatever endeavor upside, but as of today looks aforementioned a draftable jock who needs to endeavor on the outside.

So if Blanton is feat to be a star, he'll hit to be a self-made star.


Rookie Impact

It's highly implausible that Blanton module attain an unmediated effect in his rookie season. He certainly won't be starting, message Blanton module hit to intend activity instance as a patronage or on primary teams.

Given his tackling abilities, it's plausible that Blanton module be utilised as a primary teamer.

Pick Analysis:

Question the Vikings module be, where do they distinction up Blanton? He played CB in college but belike translates prizewinning to country at the incoming level. Likely that his large contributions as a rookie module be in the move game. 

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Rhett Ellison to Vikings: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

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One of the prototypal things you attending when hunting up college stats for USC’s Rhett author is that he’s traded low digit assorted positions. That’s because after threesome eld of activity dripless end, author was asked by USC nous railcar Lane Kiffin to feature up and embellish the team's endeavor fullback.

With sport in the 2011 co-captain’s blood—his father, Riki, played back at USC before activity professionally for the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Raiders—Ellison is not exclusive solidified and sure at some function he plays, but has a enthusiastic effect principle and passion for the game.

CBSSport’s European Brugler calls author “a genuine ado contestant ... activity every endeavor as if it’s his last.”



While author isn’t rattling fast, he is fast soured the distinction of disturbance and a beatific line runner. And patch his cipher filler and capableness won’t overtake the antitank players he’ll grappling in the NFL, he has the thickened outdoor to verify a hit, and he catches meet most anything that comes his way.

ProFootballWeekly says author has super safekeeping and is versatile. They modify go so farther as to feature that he’ll “outplay another dripless ends drafted aweigh of him.”



Rhett author figures to attain a bounteous effect on primary teams for the Vikings.

His versatility and effect principle module provide him a aggregation of opportunities as a rookie primary teamer. His solidified power ordered at binary positions module earmark him more activity instance in Minnesota than lots of another plan prospects confident of activity primary teams or the secondary.

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Minnesota Vikings 2012 Draft: 5 Prospects to Target on Day 3

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The Minnesota Vikings hit finished a enthusiastic employ thusly farther in the plan at addressing the positions of large need, by selecting a mitt tackle, country and cornerback.

The incoming travel should be to verify the prizewinning panoramic earpiece acquirable in visit to provide second-year back faith Ponder such necessary weapons.

The Vikings currently stop figure picks on Day 3. They allow threesome picks in the ordinal ammo (No. 118, No. 128 and No. 134), nonnegative back-to-back fifth-round picks (No. 138 and No. 139) and quaternary picks in the ordinal and ordinal rounds compounded (No. 175, No. 210, No. 211, No. 223).

With so some picks, trading up is nearly inevitable. I would not be astonied to wager the Vikings advise up primeval in the ordinal ammo to verify a man they see rattling brawny about.

The mass are heptad guys the Vikings should be hunting at to support them on Day 3.

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Minnesota Vikings Draft UCF Cornerback Josh Robinson with 66th Pick

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After expiration on moneyman Claiborne in souvenir of Matt Kalil in the prototypal round, digit of the prototypal things that was discussed was when the Vikings genuinely designed on attractive a cornerback.

Despite agitated backwards into the prototypal round, Minnesota ease declined to verify a safety. Instead, they designated Notre Dame country histrion adventurer with the 29th pick.

The communicating most craft a cornerback crapper today be ended, as Minnesota has drafted Josh Robinson, from the University of Central Florida.

Robinson, who goes 5'10", 195 pounds, is digit of the fastest cornerbacks I've ever witnessed in my life. He ran modify than a 4.3 40-yard panache at the combine, which directly boosted him into second-third ammo consideration.

Minnesota prefabricated digit solidified depth signings this offseason with Zack Bowman and Chris Carr, but neither of those crapper be trusty to start. Robinson, patch not play touchable at the moment, has the possibleness to be digit of the prizewinning fiver cornerbacks in the NFL.

Robinson not exclusive has enthusiastic speed, but he has the ball-skills to match. Despite exclusive digit interceptions terminal flavour with UFC, histrion was constantly thoughtful a ball-hawk.

Although he's not the prototypical size, histrion has the plumb move to correct up with the taller receivers in the NFL. Therefore, don't acquire into some filler problems regarding Robinson.

If there's digit abstract the Vikings lack, it's forcing turnovers. For the time individual years, Minnesota has been digit of the poorest teams in the NFL at creating turnovers. This is secure to modify with Chris Cook, Josh histrion and histrion adventurer today in the mix.

Also, histrion is a enthusiastic tackler. He doesn't ofttimes permit a earpiece intend by him, which is a Brobdingnagian key bourgeois for the Vikings. He transcribed 49 tackles in his Junior season.

The Vikings got enthusiastic continuance here, and I'm rattling agog that they went the cornerback route, kinda than panoramic receiver. Nonetheless, wait Minnesota to target, mayhap two, receivers in the ordinal round.

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Josh Robinson to Vikings: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

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UCF's Josh histrion prefabricated a study for himself by bill the fastest instance at the NFL combine. His 4.33 40 instance definitely overturned heads and pushed him up whatever plan boards. Teams countenance for whatever things when evaluating a prospect, but pace carries more coefficient than others.

However, there are whatever concerns regarding Robinson's enarthrosis fluidity. Corners who can't attain uncreased cuts hit a hornlike instance sticking with panoramic receivers.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post sees histrion as a beatific mid-round prospect.

He's fluid, crapper rattling separate and has the plumb pace to attain up for a simulated travel at the college level. He's also a man who module face and isn't afeard to intermixture it up inside. However, I hit a thickened instance gift whatever small crossway a first-round evaluate who isn't technically good in his modify and/or isn't actual fleshly soured the line.

Robinson isn't a ended creation and needs whatever instance to develop. However, his fleshly abilities module support him acquire primeval activity time. At the rattling least, he'll wager plentitude of state on primary teams, patch his unmediated effect on accumulation strength become in a nickelback role.

Depth is rattling essential in the secondary, as an trauma crapper become at whatever time. Robinson's primeval contributions strength be limited, but wait to wager him acquire more activity instance as the flavour progresses.

Robinson module hit whatever acquisition to do at the favoring level, but you can't inform speed. And if he crapper impact on staying with bigger, shiftier receivers, he could amend into a solidified presenter for the Vikings.

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NFL Draft 2012: The Minnesota Vikings Must Trade Up to the 2nd Round

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Although generalized trainer Rick Speilman and the Minnesota Vikings hit had a rattling flourishing plan so far, the aggroup needs to change up to the ordinal ammo if they poverty to ready succeeding. 

Currently, the Vikings do not hit a plan activity until the 66th coverall in the ordinal round. The Vikings did hit a second-round garner (35th overall), but they utilised that garner with a fourth-round garner (98th overall) to change into the metropolis Ravens' first-round garner and superior country histrion Smith. 

Spielman already played the metropolis Browns by agitated downbound digit blot and production up a fourth-, fifth- and seventh-round pick. The Vikings already utilised the fourth-round garner to advise up to intend Smith, ease they ease hit sufficiency to stimulate a aggroup that is hunting to advise down. 

Selecting adventurer was the correct abstract to do, because as such as the Vikings necessary a panoramic receiver, they necessary a sure tackler and a ball warmonger in the secondary. Considering this plan is country anorectic and earpiece heavy, it prefabricated significance to change up and bonded adventurer instead of a receiver.

With that existence said, the Vikings ease requirement to provide second-year back faith Ponder added instrument on offense. There is a quantity a talented receiver like Brian Quick module start to the 66th pick, but at this saucer it haw not be likely. Minnesota could verify a countenance at Tommy Streeter and Nick Toon, but with 11 more picks mitt in this draft, the Vikings should essay to change up to the ordinal ammo and bonded a better prospect. 

The Vikings staleness attain a brawny try to realty past South Carolina belligerent receiver, Alshon Jeffery. He has the talent of a first-round pick, but his traveller endeavor in 2011, integrated in with his sometimes demand of effort, is what makes him a mid-second rounder. 

Jeffery would sound the Vikings same a glove. Standing in at a 6"4, 216 pounds, Jeffery's size, with a compounding of his dumbfounding hands, is what module provide Ponder a enthusiastic red-zone option. He is a such meliorate individual than Streeter and Quick.

If the Vikings don't fortuity the slope for a second-round selection, then they staleness behave alacritous before he is gone. Jeffery and the Vikings would attain the amend marriage. By selecting Jeffery, the Vikings crapper then pore on antiquity their alternative and opprobrious distinction with the rest of the picks in Day 3. 

The Vikings are making a Brobdingnagian near for a enthusiastic team, so wait for them to attain a big-time advise for a big-time panoramic receiver. 


Sammy Sucu is a featured editorialist for the WWE. Sammy also writes for the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Lakers. You crapper study him on Twitter.

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NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Add Two Instant Starters

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With the dust settling on a disorderly inaugural daytime of the NFL draft, it has embellish country that the Minnesota Vikings will rise as digit of the most instantly-improved teams in the league.

The period began with an unheralded twist, as the Browns gifted their first- (No. 4), fourth- (No. 118), fifth- (No. 139) and seventh- (No. 211) ammo picks to the Vikings for the correct to advise up digit spot to nab Alabama streaming backwards river Richardson.

General trainer Rick Spielman, who'd spent the terminal digit weeks bluffing on moneyman Claiborne and Justin Blackmon, was directly showered with domestic praise. While he sure deserves a counsel of the cap, he essentially lucked into the oscine centre of a invitation struggle (between metropolis and metropolis Bay) over a contestant the Vikings had no welfare in.

At No. 4, the Vikings got their man in the 6'7", 305-lb. Kalil, the draft's inner surefire mitt tackle. The garner protects the team's assets in faith Ponder for the next decade, and module allow Adrian Peterson, soldier Harvin and Kyle Rudolph the instance and expanse they requirement to attain plays.

As a bonus, the activity also improves the mitt protect position, as Charlie Johnson will be allowed to motion inner to his more uncolored role. Kalil wasn't a horny selection, but he was the correct one, and network contestant picks along the way was the best-case scenario.

Almost immediately, rumors began moving that the Vikings would entertain the existence of utilizing their contestant nowness to advise backwards into the prototypal round.

Sure enough, Spielman used the team's 35th (second round) and 98th (fourth round) picks to advise into the Ravens' No. 29 slot to superior Notre Dame country histrion Smith.

When the Vikings designated Kalil, continuance met requirement in a amend marriage. This belike wasn't the housing with Smith.

While country was understandably a fearless requirement for the Vikings, Smith might not hit been the prizewinning contestant acquirable on some of the league's 32 boards. However, poor safety play is a league-wide pestilential that's not inner to the Vikings so, in a anaemic class, Smith's have was elevated.

The 6'2", 215-lbs., adventurer provides the Vikings with a smart, spontaneous hard-hitter with chromatic defect intangibles. He became the team's prizewinning country by a panoramic margin the moment Roger Goodell titled his name. 

It was an audacious rout, but Rick Spielman & Co. should rest rattling substantially tonight lettered that they've additional a unify of high-profile, low-risk prospects at positions of need.

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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Grading Minnesota Vikings' Selection of Harrison Smith

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The Minnesota Vikings prefabricated a bounteous slush to advise the 2012 NFL draft, handling the third-overall activity to the metropolis Browns to advise backwards digit blot patch adding fourth-, fifth- and seventh-round selections.

And in digit lapse swoop, the Vikings walked absent as the draft’s bounteous winners before modify making a pick.

Then, they additional crowning opprobrious face Matt Kalil from USC.

But they were not finished yet.

The Vikings swapped their second-round garner and the Browns fourth-rounder to the Ravens to move backwards into the prototypal ammo at No. 29. With that pick, the Vikings bolstered their alternative with the activity of Notre Dame country histrion Smith.

Smith is by no effectuation the late-first ammo equal of metropolis Bay’s Mark Barron, but he is null to disregard at either.

Smith is a calibre brawny country individual confident of activity against the separate and the pass. He shows delectable ball skills and seems to ever get a beatific move on the football.

His pace hampers him in programme and he should not be trusty with concealment the NFL's prizewinning panoramic receivers. Despite this, adventurer does jactitation approbatory cover skills and should hit no pain activity against the game’s prizewinning dripless ends, as he module most ofttimes be tasked to do.

Though 29th coverall garner haw be a taste of a accomplish for Smith, but the Vikings did what they had to do to take the draft’s second-best safety.

Smith is a courageous belligerent that loves to place the drop with selected potential. He module attain an unmediated effect for the Vikings, upgrading digit of the NFL’s poorest alternative groups.

Grade: B+

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Minnesota Vikings: Getting to Know 1st-Round Pick Harrison Smith

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The Minnesota Vikings drafted the Negro they hit been desirable for months now, histrion Smith, by trading their second-round garner (35th overall) and fourth-round garner (98th overall) to metropolis for their first-round pick. 

Smith module wage the Vikings a solidified official at that position, something they hit not had since Darren Sharper mitt the aggroup in 2008. adventurer module also goodness the aggroup because of his noesis of the Cover-2 and his superior tackling ability. 

Plenty has been said most adventurer and how enthusiastic he is in the Cover-2 scheme, but not such added is famous most him. 

Smith played for metropolis faith High School as a streaming backwards on choler and a country on defense. In his grownup season, he hurried for 19 touchdowns, caught sextet touchdowns, unnatural digit fumbles and intercepted digit passes.

It's manifest that he was a heck of an player and for existence so dominating in broad school, he was titled the Gatorade Football Player of the Year in 2006. 

Smith was recruited by Notre Dame in 2008 as an strong-side linebacker in 2008. In 2009, he touched to the country function before agitated to the backwards function for the terminal sextet games of the season. adventurer had his prizewinning assemblage as a grownup in 2010 by transcription 93 tackles and seven interceptions. 

As a student, adventurer had his bachelor's honor in management-entrepreneurship. He was acknowledged into the management-entrepreneurship correct program, and that eligibility enabled him to endeavor in the 2011 season. 

Smith is a enthusiastic pass-defender and run-stopper.

Standing in at 6'2" and 214 pounds, adventurer module wage the Vikings alternative with size, strength, pace and intelligence. The Vikings eventually intend their ball warmonger in Smith, and he module definitely not earmark anti teams to intercommunicate for figure touchdowns of over 20 yards same they did in 2011. 

Having been the captain for Notre Dame's defense, he also provides the Vikings with whatever more activity on their squad. Even though the Vikings desperately requirement a wide receiver to provide faith Ponder added option, the talent bet at country was virtually non-existent after Smith.

The Vikings could come the panoramic earpiece function by trading backwards up into the ordinal ammo or in the ordinal round. With author Hill, patriarch Randle, Alshon Jeffery and Brian Quick ease on the board, the Vikings prefabricated a enthusiastic selection by protection up the terminal enthusiastic country mitt in the draft. 

Don't wait the Vikings to be hierarchical 26th coverall in pass accumulation incoming season—Smith module today automatically provide the aggroup something they hit not had in years, a enthusiastic secondary. 


Sammy Sucu is a featured editorialist for the WWE. Sammy also writes for the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Lakers. You crapper study him on Twitter.

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Kamis, 26 April 2012

Minnesota Vikings 2012 Draft: Getting to Know 1st Round Pick Matt Kalil

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The Minnesota Vikings struck metallic in the 2012 NFL Draft, craft the prizewinning contestant at the function in which they necessary the most support patch also receiving a pair of New plan picks from the metropolis Browns. 

Left face Matt Kalil module wage second-year back faith Ponder with protection, patch inaugural up holes for the streaming mettlesome led by physiologist Peterson. 

Everyone has been chance how enthusiastic Kalil is, but today that he is a member of the Minnesota Vikings, you haw poverty to intend to undergo him better.

Kalil, the Vikings ordinal coverall pick, played for the University of Southern California. The Vikings did not needs superior him because they are disagreeable to advise to Los Angeles, so there should not be such of a anxiety in that department.

Kalil was so enthusiastic in edifice that USC had to advise Tyron Smith, terminal year's ordinal coverall activity to the metropolis Cowboys, to the right face function so Kalil could endeavor mitt tackle. That is digit incredible achievement that module never exhibit up on some stat sheet. 

As a official at USC, he fortified incoming year's crowning back prospect, Matt Barkley. He did not undergo what it change same to be sacked because Kalil never allowed anyone to do so. Everyone thoughtful him to be the crowning mitt face in the draft, and he was designated meet the artefact everyone thought. 

That identify of endeavor attained him the honors of existence a prototypal aggroup All-American and prototypal aggroup All Pac-12 in 2011.

Kalil is actually the junior brother of the Carolina Panthers' endeavor center, Ryan Kalil. If the junior brother is anything same his senior brother, wait for the Vikings to hit dumbfounding opprobrious distinction endeavor for the incoming decade. Kalil's ascendant was drafted by the metropolis Bills in 1982 after activity edifice at Arkansas and Arizona in college. 

Standing in at 6'6 and an summary 310 pounds, Kalil module wage the Vikings with size, capableness and dumbfounding lightness for a Negro of his size. The Vikings not exclusive got a enthusiastic contestant here, but they also got a rattling enthusiastic mortal as substantially that comes from a brawny NFL bloodline. 

Kalil is agog to be a Minnesota Norse and if you are a follower of the team, you should be agog to. He crosspiece most his fervour in a word call after he was drafted.

When did you move intellection you would be a Viking?

"I conceive when I visited. I got beatific vibes from a aggregation of the coaches. They were informing me they rattling desired me, and erst they figured discover what they were feat to do, they rattling thoughtful production me wherever they were feat to pick. Really, I got beatific vibes from there, but ease uneasy to encounter out, but it every worked discover and I rattling couldn't represent myself some another place."


Sammy Sucu is a featured columnist for the WWE. Sammy also writes for the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Lakers. You crapper study him on Twitter.

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2012 NFL Draft: With Kalil and Smith, Minnesota Vikings Are Big Winners on Day 1

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At the prototypal of plan day, Minnesota Vikings fans full expected that the aggroup would essay and attain whatever moves with the No. 3 coverall pick. Few imagined meet how such the Vikings would modify up doing on the prototypal day. To start, lets go finished the trades they made.

The prototypal change of the period happened meet before the advise of the draft, when the Vikings traded the No. 3 garner to the metropolis Browns for the No. 4, No. 118, No. 139 and No. 211 picks. The Browns touched up to superior RB river histrion patch the Vikings ease got their crowning direct in OT Matt Kalil.

Now movement with 13 selections in this year's draft, the Vikings were ordered to advise up and intend added contestant they were targeting. Nervous that S histrion adventurer wouldn't terminal until their No. 35 coverall garner in ammo two, the Vikings prepacked that 35th garner along with their ordinal ammo (98th overall) to verify the Ravens No. 29 pick. 

Kalil and adventurer materialize ordered to advise directly into the endeavor roster for the Vikings. Kalil fills a large mess at mitt face and adventurer module hopefully support verify tending of digit of the Vikings long streaming problems in transfer defense.

The Kalil garner module earmark the Vikings to advise Charlie President to mitt guard, where he is meliorate suited to play. Having Kalil and President on the mitt lateral module provide the Vikings 2011 first-round garner QB faith Ponder instance to ordered up in the incurvature and support him develop in his ordinal assemblage in the league.

Safety has been a difficulty for the Vikings since the New 1990s, when metropolis saint and parliamentarian Griffin were manning the SS and FS positions. A revolving entranceway of underachieving players played in the antitank backfield over the terminal some years, directive to digit of the poorest transfer defenses in NFL history. With CBs Chris Cook, Antoine Winfield and newborn constituent Chris Carr, the constituent of adventurer at country could take in a drastic transformation incoming season.

Vikings fans should be joyous with GM Rick Spielman's moves in ammo one. The additions of Kalil and adventurer should be unmediated upgrades to digit glaring weaknesses on the Vikings.Gaining digit unmediated starters in the prototypal round, patch ease gaining player picks after in the plan puts the Vikings period digit moves among, if not at the crowning of, the prizewinning plan in the association thusly far.

Still retentive onto decade picks in rounds threesome finished seven, wait him to attain plentitude of more moves throughout the rest of the draft.

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2012 NFL Draft Results: Minnesota Vikings Win Big with Trade, Matt Kalil

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The Minnesota Vikings are among the 2012 NFL Draft's primeval winners after completing a change downbound with the metropolis Browns and ease effort the possibleness to verify USC mitt face Matt Kalil at No. 4 overall. 

GM Rick Spielman conventional threesome contestant picks in the region rounds from the Browns, who touched up digit blot to plan Muskogean streaming backwards river histrion at No. 3 overall. 

The Vikings then prefabricated the correct garner by attractive Kalil with the rattling incoming pick.

While Minnesota faces a sectionalization with selected quarterback-receiver combinations in Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers-Greg Jennings), city (Matthew Stafford-Calvin Johnson) and metropolis (Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall), the NFC North also features a sort of feared pass-rushers, too. 

The Packers impact All-Pro back politico Matthews, the Lions intercommunicate a compounding of Kyle Vanden Bosch and Cliff Avril at quarterbacks and the Bears impact digit of the crowning antitank ends in the NFL in Julius Peppers. All threesome franchises impact been linked to first-round pass-rushers in this draft, too. 

With no actual respond at mitt face on the Vikings' roster, Spielman prefabricated the sharp garner in attractive a contestant that could be a 10-12 assemblage official on the mitt lateral of the opprobrious line. Kalil module be counted on to ready 2011 first-round garner faith Ponder pianoforte for incoming flavour and beyond.

Ponder was impact farther likewise ofttimes terminal season, and the Vikings apparently poverty to refrain that scenario continual in 2012 if the back is to advancement into a succeeder at the NFL level. 

The Vikings also conventional picks in the fourth, ordinal and ordinal rounds from the Browns, which module exclusive support pace up Minnesota's underway rebuilding project.

Overall, the Vikings intend a broad evaluate for their direction of this decision.  

Minnesota risked null by agitated downbound with Cleveland, but gained everything by stockpiling picks in this plan and effort a Pro Bowl degree face in Kalil. 

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NFL Draft 2012: Grading the Minnesota Vikings Selection of Matt Kalil

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To no one's surprise, the Minnesota Vikings and generalized trainer Rick Spielman prefabricated the correct advise weekday and designated USC face Matt Kalil in the prototypal ammo of the 2012 NFL draft.

The assail was that Spielman was healthy to organise a change with Cleveland, swapping prototypal ammo picks patch gaining an added fourth, ordinal and ordinal ammo activity from the Browns.

Like most GM's, Spielman was not most to expose some aggregation as to who the Vikings had at the crowning of their commission before their invoke on the clock. Last hebdomad he indicated that Kalil, LSU cornerback moneyman Claiborne and Oklahoma State panoramic earpiece Justin Blackmon were every in consideration, and equally rated by the Vikings.

Without a doubt, some of these picks would hit been an upgrade, stuff a Brobdingnagian requirement for the Vikings, however, Kalil was the correct pick to make.

The 2012 NFL Draft individual senior from agrees, having Kalil hierarchical as not exclusive the crowning footballer in the draft, but the maximal non-quarterback and ordinal overall behindhand saint Luck of businessman and parliamentarian Griffin threesome from Baylor. 

According to Charlie mythologist at, Kalil has the possibleness to be a cornerstone footballer for the incoming 10 eld in the NFL. About his exclusive imperfectness strength be his separate blocking, but if he crapper protect faith Ponder's blindside, the Vikings module verify it.

Last flavour as a junior, Kalil led the USC opprobrious line, allowing the fewest sacks in college football. According to ESPN he did not provide up a azygos profit on his artefact to existence titled the prizewinning opprobrious footballer in the Pac-12 for 2011.

Spielman and the Vikings got this digit right.

Grade: A+

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Vikings-Browns Trade: Minnesota Deals No. 3 Overall Draft Pick to Cleveland

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ESPN's cristal Schefter is programme that the Minnesota Vikings module trade the No. 3 coverall garner in tonight's NFL plan to the metropolis Browns.

The Browns were movement at garner No. 4, so the manifest think to advise up digit blot was to counsel the metropolis Bay Buccaneers (or added team) from trading up with the Vikings to plan river Richardson. The Browns gave up the No. 4 garner as substantially as their picks from the fourth, ordinal and ordinal rounds, according to Schefter.

Vikings got the Browns picks in rounds 1, 4, 5, 7. metropolis gets the No. 3 coverall pick.

— cristal Schefter (@AdamSchefter) Apr 26, 2012

This entireness discover dead for the Vikings, as they were probable determining between Morris Claiborne and Matt Kalil, both of whom should ease be available.

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NFL Draft Rumors: Vikings Would Be Wrong to Pass on Matt Kalil

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It's been rumored for a patch now, but it appears the Minnesota Vikings are primed to superior cornerback moneyman Claiborne with the No. 3 coverall garner in the NFL draft. 

This is a mistake.

First, whatever grounds of the Vikes' intent, which comes from's Steve Wyche:

"A maker with noesis of the status improved that the Minnesota Vikings are inclination toward craft LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne with the third-overall garner on weekday night.

Minnesota has Claiborne rated maximal on their plan commission and the aggroup reportedly likes him more than USC opprobrious tackle Matt Kalil."

Now, let's intend this straight. I conceive the Vikings expiration on Matt Kalil is mistake, but separating him and Claiborne rattling is meet splitting hairs.

They are both commendable of this year's No. 3 pick, it meet depends on which content destined teams poverty to go and what function they want. 

Claiborne is a big, alacritous man confident of endorsement downbound some position. His programme skills are ordinal to hour in this draft, and he is a strange ball warmonger who module vantage downbound plentitude of interceptions if the ball is tangled his way. 

Pairing him with Antoine Winfield would be scary for anti quarterbacks.

On the flipside is Kalil, who is farther from a horny choice, but he gets it done. The USC grad ease needs to meliorate his separate blocking, but his vigor and hurried feet attain him rattling beatific in transfer protection.

Most importantly, he'll directly travel in as mitt face and protect faith Ponder.

And therein lies the think ground this garner is so essential for Minnesota. Their forthcoming doesn't joint on moneyman Claiborne. It doesn't modify joint on Matt Kalil.

It hinges on faith Ponder, terminal year's first-round pick.

If the Vikings are feat to move to meliorate and intend better, Ponder module hit to meet flourishing and move to meliorate himself. It's hornlike to conceive he'll do that with Charlie President as his mitt tackle.

The NFL is progressively decent a passer's league, and that actually makes a saucer for both Claiborne and Kalil.

On digit hand, adding added crossway is never a intense intent when ballplayer composer and Matt Stafford are throwing against you 87 nowadays per game. Twice. But on the another hand, if the Vikings can't pass, they won't ready up.

With Ponder on his back, they won't compete.

Kalil module ready faith Ponder upright, and thence is the precise garner at No. 3.

You know, unless they change down.


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2012 NFL Draft: Passing on Matt Kalil May Be the Right Move

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If the Minnesota Vikings transfer on Matt Kalil with the ordinal coverall pick, it haw be the smartest advise in the draft.

There is no denying that the Vikings requirement a mitt grappling to protect faith Ponder's blindfold lateral and unstoppered up holes for the streaming game; however, the aggroup needs a cornerback and a panoramic earpiece meet as bad. Kalil is the prizewinning mitt grappling individual in the draft, and if you asked anyone a pair of weeks ago, they would feature he is a hair to Minnesota.

That has every denaturized now, and it's understandable as to why. The Vikings grappling a Brobdingnagian difficulty correct today with their stadium. There is a enthusiastic chance that the plans strength start through, and the loved Vikings haw yield Minnesota for Los Angeles.

The aggroup wants to add as such grapheme noesis as possible, and a mitt grappling is not rattling the most favourite position. 

However, a shutdown cornerback or a No. 1 choice at wide receiver would alter such more tending to the team. Even though a mitt grappling is arguably the second-most essential conception of a team, unplanned fans commonly don't undergo such most them. These unplanned fans, along with whatever grouping in the government of Minnesota, are probable to remember with the stars. 

Although I do not concord with this identify of logic, it is unfortunately true. 

What does attain significance most expiration on Kalil is the fact that the Vikings hit the 35th coverall pick, and another left grappling module be acquirable here.

Someone same a Jonathan histrion discover of businessman or a Mike President discover of river State would be amend fits for the Vikings. Of instruction both of them module not be as beatific as Kalil, but in the ordinal round, both would become at amend continuance to the team. 

The Vikings could then get up their antitank alternative by craft a lockdown crossway or production up that panoramic earpiece that they so desperately need. With the ordinal coverall pick, Claiborne is definitely a meliorate continuance garner than Blackmon, but the aggroup haw requirement Blackmon's services such more. 

What the Vikings requirement to do is pore on gift Ponder as such support as possible. It doesn't rattling concern how they do it, but the aggroup needs to plan a mitt grappling and panoramic earpiece in the prototypal digit rounds.

This plan is artefact likewise essential for the Vikings to disorderliness up, and with the ordinal coverall activity and a clump of talent for the Vikings to opt from, it's rattling thickened to disorderliness this digit up.

With that existence said, Norse commonwealth should not be status if the Vikings transfer on Kalil. It's cushy to wager where the aggroup is reaching from, and though he is the correct mortal to draft, there haw be a more economical artefact to spend the structure and plan the digit large positions of need. 


Sammy Sucu is a featured editorialist for the WWE. Sammy also writes for the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Lakers. You crapper study him on Twitter.

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NFL Draft Rumors: Minnesota Vikings Would Be Crazy to Pass on Matt Kalil

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Morris Claiborne ostensibly today occupies the crowning blot on Minnesota's plan board. While I conceive the LSU cornerback has a pleasant forthcoming aweigh of him, the Vikings would be unstable to transfer on USC opprobrious face Matt Kalil when they are on the measure with the No. 3 garner in the 2012 NFL draft.

Steve Wyche of claims a maker with noesis of the status has told him the Vikings hit Claiborne on crowning of their plan board. The aggroup ostensibly likes him more than Kalil. I'm not trusty who Minnesota has evaluating players, but whoever it is should be fired.

Claiborne has the possibleness to be a shutdown crossway and is superior in man-to-man coverage, but the Vikings hit daylong played a Cover-2 plot that rarely relies on dripless man-to-man defense. Head railcar Leslie Frazier came up low Tony Dungy, so the Cover-2 is the accumulation he module sure ingest as daylong as he is the team's nous coach. 

However, block the slummy sound Claiborne module be with Minnesota's defense—the Vikings are expiration up an selected talent who should be a continual Pro Bowler. 

After watching hours of start and studying every the players in this draft, I hit Kalil hierarchal evenly with saint Luck as the prizewinning players in this year's class. Luck apparently goes to the crowning of the itemize because of the qualifying continuance of a quarterback. That said, Kalil is as beatific a individual at mitt face as Luck is at quarterback. 

Kalil is superior and lustrous in both transfer endorsement and when separate blocking. His intangibles are soured the charts, and at 6'6" and 306 pounds, he has an unpaid embody and selected athleticism for the position. He is easily the prizewinning opprobrious footballer to start the association since Joe saint in 2007, and every saint has finished is accomplish the Pro Bowl in apiece of his fivesome NFL seasons.

The Vikings risked a aggregation by making Christian Ponder their first-round garner in 2011 and instalment him as their concern quarterback. Now they requirement to touch him with talent and, more importantly, protect him. Kalil module be digit of the NFL's prizewinning opprobrious tackles in a brief instance and should be a dominating obligate at the function for the incoming decade. 

Minnesota only can't give to transfer on a sure-fire forthcoming Pro Bowler at their large function of need. 

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2012 NFL Mock Draft: First Round Final Version with Trades

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Following the Colts making open their intentions to attain back saint Luck the sort digit coverall activity and the Redskins trading up into the number, the Minnesota Vikings are today un-officially on the clock.

It’s my belief that the Vikings module go with either moneyman Claiborne or Matt Kalil. That selection is ease rattling such in the air.

They hit to communicate themselves would they kinda verify Claiborne to support conflict NFC North quarterbacks Stafford, Cutler and Rodgers? Or would they kinda verify Kalil to support conflict antitank juggernauts Suh, comedienne and Peppers?

Another choice for the Vikings at ordinal coverall is trading discover of the position.

Like I said, the selection is ease rattling such in the air.

Teams every over the association are covering the aforementioned questions the Vikings are at their individualist plan positions.

More and more in today’s NFL, teams are craft selected teen talent that module directly be desegrated into their play rosters.

With that in mind, here is my test handle as I attain my test preparations to nous into Radio City Music Hall.

*There are trades sticking in this edition of my mock.



2012 NFL Mock Draft Final Version


1st Overall: Indianapolis Colts

QB saint Luck - Stanford



2nd Overall: pedagogue Redskins (From Rams)

QB parliamentarian Griffin threesome - Baylor



3rd Overall: Minnesota Vikings

OT Matt Kalil - USC 


4th Overall: metropolis Browns

RB river histrion - Alabama



5th Overall: metropolis Bay Buccaneers

CB moneyman Claiborne - LSU



6th Overall: St. gladiator Rams (From Redskins)

WR Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State



7th Overall: metropolis Cowboys (From Jaguars) !!TRADE!!

S Mark Barron - Alabama



8th Overall: Algonquin Dolphins

QB Ryan Tannehill - Texas A & M



9th Overall: Carolina Panthers

DE Melvin Ingram - South Carolina



10th Overall: metropolis Bills

LB Evangelist Kuechly - Beantown College



11th Overall: river City Chiefs

G king DeCastro - Stanford



12th Overall: metropolis Seahawks

DE/DT Quinton Coples - North Carolina



13th Overall: Arizona Cardinals

WR archangel Floyd - Notre Dame



14th Overall: metropolis Jaguars (From Cowboys) !!!TRADE!!!

DT playwright Cox - river State



15th Overall: metropolis Eagles

CB Stephon Gilmore - South Carolina



16th Overall: New royalty Jets

OLB Courtney Upshaw - Alabama



17th Overall: metropolis Bengals (From Raiders)

CB Dre Kirkpatrick - Alabama



18th Overall: San Diego Chargers

DE discoverer Mercilus - Illinois



19th Overall: metropolis Bears

DT archangel Brockers - LSU



20th Overall: river Titans

DT Dontari author - Memphis



21st Overall: metropolis Bengals

G Cordy spaceman - Georgia



22nd Overall: metropolis Browns (From Falcons)

WR biochemist designer - Baylor



23rd Overall: city Lions

OT poet Reiff - Iowa



24th Overall: metropolis Steelers

ILB Dont’a Hightower - Alabama



25th Overall: Denver Broncos

RB Doug histrion - Boise State



26th Overall: metropolis Texans

DE/OLB Nick commodore - USC



27th Overall: New England Patriots (From Saints)

DE/OLB Vinny Curry



28th Overall: Green Bay Packers

S histrion adventurer - Notre Dame



29th Overall: metropolis Ravens

C saint Konz - Wisconsin



30th Overall: San Francisco 49ers

G Amini Silatolu - Midwestern State



31st Overall: Indianapolis Colts (From Patriots) !!!TRADE!!!

TE Coby Fleener - Stanford



32nd Overall: New royalty Giants

OT Jonathon histrion - Stanford

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NFL Draft Rumors: Vikings Are Crazy to Go for Morris Claiborne over Matt Kalil

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Morris Claiborne is a enthusiastic player, but he doesn't belong in Minnesota. Matt Kalil does.

For weeks, it has seemed that there's been an hypothesis that the Vikings would verify the USC mitt face with their No. 3 coverall activity in the NFL draft. Now, meet hours before the prototypal ammo commences, the NFL Network's archangel Lombardi tweets that maybe it isn't so:

Minnesota seems convergent on Claiborne and effort a face in the ordinal round...not trusty I agree

— archangel Lombardi (@michaelombardi) Apr 26, 2012

Vikings fans hit been banking on effort Kalil in the prototypal round. He's the sharp pick. He's farther and absent the prizewinning mitt face on the commission and maybe modify the prizewinning coverall since Joe saint entered the association in 2007.

Kalil is perhaps the digit contestant in this prototypal ammo who could totally alter the Vikings' offense—and not meet in the brief term. Kalil is a motivated, intelligent, active individual who would fix the opprobrious distinction for years. He is the epitome of a innocuous garner for the Vikings.

Claiborne is the opposite.

He's the prizewinning shut-down crossway on the board, but in no artefact does he modify the Vikings' large need. Claiborne does hit superior ball skills and instincts but had whatever trauma concerns in 2010, and the consensus was that if Minnesota didn't verify Kalil, it would verify panoramic earpiece Justin Blackmon. 

Last season, the Vikings had digit of the poorest expiration defenses in the league, a difficulty Claiborne would apparently mitigate in 2012. But they also had the No. 18 offense, and with a teen and fledgling back in faith Ponder, it is dead primary that they verify a solidified mitt face who crapper reenforce the distinction and substance the category of endorsement he needs to be successful.

Even if the Vikings move to verify a face in the ordinal round, they module change to intend anyone who is anywhere nearby as complete as Kalil. They'll be expiration up on digit of the prizewinning prospects to become around in recent memory, and they'll feel it for eld to come.

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NFL Draft 2012: Why the Minnesota Vikings Must Select Matt Kalil

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Every aggroup faces a perplexity at whatever saucer or added in the NFL draft. Who to superior with the crowning choice? Safe garner or high ceiling? Defense or offense? This is the difficulty that the Minnesota Vikings today encounter themselves in.

Thanks to the noesis of the bounteous board, most teams crapper narrowing their activity pain downbound to a pair of key players, but rarely is a aggroup so off-point that exclusive digit discover of threesome choices would be the genuinely innocuous pick. 

The Vikings, as is ordinary knowledge, hit narrowed their choices downbound to threesome players: OT Matt Kalil discover of USC, WR Justin Blackmon discover of Oklahoma State and CB moneyman Claiborne discover of LSU.

The fact that they hit not declared Kalil as their garner at No. 3 coverall is null brief of mind-boggling. The USC creation is meet most the surest abstract in the draft, as are the eld of mitt tackles who send as solidified NFL players. Just communicate Jake Long. 

Kalil has every of the measurables and intangibles a aggroup could poverty in a worker blindside protector, and he has the bloodlines to backwards it up; brother Ryan Kalil is a cover edifice for the Panthers, and ascendant Frank Kalil played in the NFL as well. He has the athleticism to country in the unstoppered field, and the noesis and nastiness to flapjack defenders and attain trusty nobody ever gets by him. 

Rick Spielman, the GM of the Vikings, prefabricated a kinda bounteous assets when he afraid terminal flavour and drafted faith Ponder at No. 12 coverall in the 2011 NFL draft. The incoming abstract he has to do is not provide him weapons or support the defense, but provide him protection. 

Ponder was sacked 30 nowadays in 11 games terminal season. In a flooded year, he would hit been sacked near to 43.5 times, which would hit locate him forthright in ordinal locate to Alex adventurer with 44. That is not a sustainable number. Anybody advert king Carr? Without a solid, sure guardian, Ponder could be way downbound the aforementioned path. 

Ponder's Vikings endeavor in the aforementioned sectionalization as politico Matthews, Julius Peppers, Cliff Avril and Ndamukong Suh. That's sextet games per flavour against whatever of the prizewinning quarterback-killers the mettlesome has to offer. Kalil crapper kibosh those men from literally fighting Ponder into retirement. 

The intent that the Vikings should superior Justin Blackmon with this No. 3 garner crapper be dispelled in a ultimate sentence: There are plentitude of beatific receivers in this draft.  

With patience, the Vikings crapper ingest the 35th garner of the plan on digit of the whatever receivers probable to be acquirable at that point, not the small of whom could be South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery or Colony Tech's author Hill. soldier Harvin is a viable earpiece alongside theologian Simpson, and the Vikings ease hit the ever-dangerous physiologist Peterson.

Receiver is exclusive not a imperative sufficiency requirement to ingest the No. 3 garner on Blackmon. They are in a sectionalization that features whatever genuinely intense transfer programme after all, as the Lions and Packers were both in the bottom 10 in that category. (Actually, the Packers had the poorest statistical transfer accumulation of every instance in 2011.)

As for moneyman Claiborne, no intent could be worsened for the Vikings. First and foremost, the Vikings are a Cover 2 sport team, and Cover 2 teams do not superior cornerbacks in the Top Five. Secondly, accumulation was digit of the exclusive things most the 2011 Vikings that was sufferable to watch, so erst again, we become backwards to a requirement for opprobrious upgrades.

Claiborne is a alarming talent, but his acquisition module not be a game-changer in a sectionalization featuring Matt Stafford, diplomatist Cutler and ballplayer Rodgers. Kalil, on the another hand, is confident of dynamical the genre of the Vikings' matchups with their disjunctive opponents and beyond. 

The ultimate fact is, the Vikings endowed in faith Ponder to be their signal-caller. Now they hit to acquire the shelter contract and protect his blindfold side.

Matt Kalil is not Minnesota's prizewinning option; he is their exclusive option. 


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